The Nature of Value: evolution and economics for investing:

“I conceive that the great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by false estimates they have made of the value of things.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • The source of all economic value.
  • Why some investments and companies grow while others wither & die.
  • Why the internet bubble burst in the same way that the railroad bubble and the radio bubble did before it.
  • How the money “belief system” works.
  • Why traditional economic thinking about prices misses the mark.

Our economy is an adaptive selective process that evolves  just like nature. A deep understanding of this truth helps investors gain a special perspective on innovation, gain competitive advantage, and create economic value.

The Nature of Value shows how and why economic value adapts and changes. Detailed analyses illustrated with  110 charts & diagrams show how value is created, lives, and dies through an evolutionary adaptive selective process.

Whether you are an experienced “value” investor, a new investor, or just intrigued by fresh thinking about our lives within the economy, The Nature of Value will prove to be a fascinating and potentially profitable read.

Praise for The Nature of Value

“Nick Gogerty has done a phenomenal job of developing and clarifying economic value when it comes to equity investing. His book incorporates new thinking about the economy as a dynamically evolving, complex, adaptive system. Gogerty introduces new ways to apply these concepts on the granular scale of the firm. This book will certainly enhance the reader’s ability to make good investments and is a must-read for any thoughtful investor.”

—Guy Spier, Managing Partner, Aquamarine Capital,
author of The Education of a Value Investor

In the great tradition of Charlie Munger’s ‘worldly wisdom,’ Nick Gogerty delivers a multidisciplinary approach to finding investment value Through brilliant graphics and a unique lens, he educates the reader on how to discern investment opportunities that go well beyond currently reported financial results to gain insights into how value shifts over time. Any investor who feels the ‘value investing’ paradigm is lacking in its ability to navigate our increasingly complex world will benefit from the tools Gogerty offers.”

—Paul Johnson, Columbia Business School

“The convergence of economics and biology is fertile ground that offers a path out of the dark age of static equilibrium and efficient markets. Nick Gogerty’s illuminating book gives us a deeper and more robust understanding of the complex dynamics that create and sustain value.”

—Steve Waite, author of Quantum Investing and Boomernomics

Congratulations to R. Miller of San Diego, winner of the i-pad mini pre-order drawing.

Nick Gogerty

is the founder of  Thoughtful Capital Group, a value research and portfolio allocation consultancy firm based in Greenwich, CT USA.

His past work and research includes:

  • Work with one of the World’s largest hedge funds
  • Quantitative Forex analyst for >$2 trillion balance sheet bank
  • Founding software start-ups and strategic risk firms
  • Chief Analyst at Starlab  a deep future multi-disciplinary science research institute
  • Research & portfolio management for a small value focused hedge fund,
  • Building risk models for global banks
  • Running in the T-bond option futures pits on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

As a software entrepreneur he was featured in the documentary Venture Town USA where his firm tied for 2nd place in the Southern California Venture Capital Association competition.

He delivered risk research to the US Senate on the World’s largest technology problem. His applied investing research work beat the S&P 500 by over 90% during the global financial crisis 2007-09 outperforming 99% of all hedge and mutual funds.

His lifelong interests have been in studying large interesting problems and sustainable economic development for poverty reduction.

Born and raised in the US, he has lived and worked in 6 countries, studied cultural and economic anthropology and art history at the University of Iowa and received an MBA from the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris, france. Nick holds the CAIA Chartered Alternative Investment Association designation. He has held series 3, 7, 63 and UK FSA registrations.