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Part I: Value

1    The Problem with Price? It’s Not Value

2    Value and Why it Matters


3    The Theory of Value

Part II: Inos

4    Knowledge and Innovation

5    How Innovative Capabilities Enable Value Creation

6    Allocating to Firms with a Unique Capability Mix

Part III: Clusters

7     Birth and Growth of Clusters

8    Cluster Convergence, Maturation, and Death

9    Stable and Unstable Clusters

Part IV: Moats

10  The Value of Moats

11   How Moats Affect Cost, Competition, and Customer Forces

12  Managing Moats, for Value Creation Today and Wealth Tomorrow

Part V: The Economy

13  The Economy as a Macroprocessing Network

14  Monetary Shocks and Their Implications for the Allocator

Part  VI: The Nature of Value

15  The Nature of Value Allocation